How To Recycle Wrapping Paper

Much of the paper sold for gift wrap is non-recyclable. Generally speaking, this is because the paper is of too low quality to be pulped, or contains too many contaminants (laminates and coatings, chemicals from inks and the like).

The paper we sell is both recycled and recyclable, but without the end user knowing, there's still a risk that our paper could end up in landfill, instead of back in the paper mill.

In order that paper isn't rejected for recycling, there are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Remove all tape from the gift wrap. If you've used our biodegradable tape, this can go to composting or will degrade in the landfill if put in the bin.
  2. Put the paper in your usual paper and card household recycling for collection and sorting.

Removal of the tape is too labour intensive at the processing side. As paper and card are sorted, items with the tape still on them will be rejected for recycling rather than being further processed.

Standard sticky tapes are non-recyclable so should be put in the bin. Please do remember to remove all tape - biodegradable or otherwise, our all of our collective efforts will go to waste; literally and metaphorically.