Can Wrapping Paper Be Green?

Last Christmas in the UK, consumers bought 108 Million rolls of wrapping paper, much of which is not recyclable and has at best questionable environmental credentials.

Most gift wrap uses a lot of nasty chemicals, laminates, embellishments and inks, that make recovering recyclable content nigh on impossible. 

There are 3 major environmental pressure points on the production of gift wrap.

  • Harvesting of virgin wood
  • Production of pulp to make the paper
  • Disposal of the end product

By working only with FSC approved producers and using recycled stocks, we're minimising the impact of the first two pressures. By designing and manufacturing products that are fully recyclable, we're mitigating the issues around their disposal.

If you've bought any of our gift wrap, you'll notice that we've provided information on the reverse of the sheets to make it clear not just to the person who bought it, but also to the recipient that the product is recyclable. We'd hope that a lot of the paper we make ends up in crafting projects and other reuses too.

It's not enough to just make this stuff the right way, we also need to educate consumers on the difference, so our paper doesn't end up in the bin, next to the glittery Christmas trees and environmentally disastrous foil and metallic sheets.