All wrapping paper should be recyclable, but sadly it isn't. The good news is that ours is. Recycled, Recyclable and beautiful too. welcome to Littlegreen... A family business that cares about the joy of giving and sustainability of living.

We are a design led, environmentally conscious business. We believe that life should be pretty, fun and filled with little pleasures. We also believe that with a little bit of thought and effort, that the fun we have can have a lasting positive effect on our planet. Each and every one of us has not just the responsibility, but also the power to do their bit. By thinking about how we approach every day things in a sensitive way, we can continue to enjoy the way we live, and do a little bit of good along the way. Changing behavior can be hard to do, working better with what we have is a whole lot easier... and that's what we're trying to do.

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