Eco - Friendly Wrapping Paper

In our view, in order for wrapping paper to be considered eco-friendly, it needs to meet the following criteria

  1. It needs to be made from recycled paper
  2. It needs to be 100% recyclable
  3. It needs to be made using dyes and inks which do not harm the environment

At LittleGreen we achieve the above by using high-quality 100% recycled paper from reputable sources (FSC approved) and printing using vegetable inks. Our recycled paper produces 70% fewer greenhouse gases during its production and uses 40% less energy than virgin paper made from raw materials.

However, we take it further.

  1. All of our paper is supplied to us carbon balanced, having no negative effect on the CO2 levels
  2. Our wrapping paper is all printed in the UK
  3. We package our paper to minimise volume. i.e. it is folded. This means that more can be transported in each vehicle, minimising pollution.
  4. Our packaging is also made from recyclable materials and minimised to reduce waste
  5. We dispatch via Royal Mail. Using the largest end-user delivery service in the country means that our products, even when being dispatched to remote parts of the country are being transported with more "stuff" for more people, minimising our individual road miles