Recyclable wrapping paper - All you need to know

Here at Little Green our full range of wrapping paper is recycled and recyclable, however, most gift wrap is not recyclable. Top offenders are foil type wrap and those with glitter or metallic elements.


How can I tell if my wrapping paper can be recycled?

If you spot any of the following on the paper it is not recyclable

  • Glitter
  • Metallic Foil
  • Plastic elements
  • Reflective or metallic finishes
  • Glossy finish. inc. wax

The quality of the paper is also important If it is too thin or tissue-like it cannot be recycled.


The scrunch test

There is a handy test for detecting paper which can’t be recycled - give it a scrunch! If it bounces back it is not recyclable, if it holds its shape, it is safe to recycle.


What happens to my recycled wrapping paper?

The recycled paper we use at Little Green can be recycled into office paper and other high-grade paper products a further 4-6 times. After this, because the paper fibres shorten each time they are recycled, the product can be used to create a variety of lower-grade items such as newspaper, toilet paper or even building insulation.


Where can I recycle?

In the UK most councils will collect paper recycling from outside your house, either in a separate paper box or in a combined recycling bin alongside plastics and/or metals. If this service is not available in your area you will often find recycling points in larger supermarkets. Please contact your local council for details.

Do I need to prepare my gift wrap for recycling?

Yes, if your wrapping paper is recyclable it’s important to remove any tape, ribbons or bows from it before recycling it. If these items are left on the paper they can contaminate the batch of paper being recycled.

You can reduce the impact on the environment of the tapes and ribbons used by using our range of biodegradable tapes and ribbons. Including Biotape, our eco friendly and clear alternative to Sellotape. (coming late November 2019)

Is my wrapping paper made from recycled paper stock?

Unfortunately, while all Little Green wrap is made from recycled paper, most wrapping paper is not. In fact, much of it is made from, or contains, plastics. Even wrap which may appear to be recycled, for example brown kraft paper, is often not made from recycled or sustainable sources. When buying wrapping paper look out for the FSC logo and check that the stock is made from recycled materials.